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Our Story

In 1961, Louis Posey Gibbons perfected The Original Cheesecake recipe while baking cheesecakes for her children from her Baltimore home. Then, she brought her love of cheesecakes to work at Love’s Restaurant in downtown Baltimore, where her unique and creamy cheesecake became a favorite of the owners and her co-workers. It wasn’t long before the restaurant started serving “Original Mrs. Posé cheesecakes” for customers; a Baltimore tradition was born.

Deliciousness in every Bite

Available for online ordering, or for pick-up in our bakery with 48 hours notice.

What Makes Mrs. Posé Special?

Mrs. Posé cheesecakes are made with real cream cheese and whole eggs. Everything in our bakery is home-made! We select the finest quality, using all natural ingredients, in order to ensure that our complete line of baked products are always fresh and delicious.

A Family Run Bakery

Today, Mrs. Posé Bakery is still a family run business. Baltimore’s Yaffe family is committed to bringing more delicious Mrs. Posé products to more tables, while staying true to the tradition of quality and the delicious taste you’ve come to know and love for over 60 years.

We’re excited to continue the tradition and provide you with the love and care that goes into every bit of Mrs. Posé products.

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